Tennis class in Hanoi

Tennis class in Hanoi

Tennis class in Hanoi

Fansipan Tennis Academy is well-known with tennis classes for students at all age and tennis levels, especially for foreigners who live and work as well as travelers in Hanoi, Vietnam. We have been organizing tennis class for people from many different countries like Korean, Japanese, Russian, England, Belgium, etc. Students are all happy and have fun with what we deliver.

We are known for:

USPTA Certified Tennis Coaches

Our tennis coaches are certified by USPTA – a leading professional tennis organization in the USA.

Broad Knowledge and Experience

Our tennis coaches have over 10 years coaching experience for a broad range of students, including male and female adults, teenagers, and 10s and under.

Excellent English Speaking Coach

We are proudly to be the only Tennis Center whose tennis coaches can instruct students in English excellently.

Coaching Style

Enthusiatic and comprehensive coaching style which will help students feel relaxed and comfortable and therefore, progress quicker.

US Qualified Tennis Training Program

Students will be instructed with professional coaches and US qualified tennis training program and a innovative teaching method named Natural Tennis which can help them to learn effectively and safely.

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Testimonial :

Tennis class for Brazilian student in Hanoi - Tiago

I really enjoyed and appreciated. Those lessons will stay with me forever, the teaching method - Natural body movements. Thank you very much.

Tennis class for Denmark student in Hanoi - Benedikte from Denmark

What I especially appreciated is the way we began. I think the warm up exercises have been very important for me. I do them religiously and feel that they help keep me sound and prevent any injuries.
So thanks again for introducing me to the sport in such an expert and friendly way!

Benedikte Andersen International coordinator

27 thoughts on “Tennis class in Hanoi”

  1. Hello
    Would u please let me know can i find a hitting partner and
    how much does it cost for an hour.
    and adress plz.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Im in Hanoi on holiday until 10 August 2017.
      Im a coach on the professional tour so lm happy to just hit balls and do drills

  2. Hello, my girlfriend and I are interested in taking up tennis, we’d like to learn together. We are absolute beginners! We live in Tay Ho. Please can you email me regarding price per lesson and location (assuming you have your own courts?)

    Thanks and regards,


  3. HI tennis is one game i never engaged into and i really wish to start and learn . How to go about it ? I live in westlake .

    1. Hi Milo,
      We are also having students living around westlake (even inside Diamond Westlake). You can learn 1 on 1 coaching, 1 hour/lesson. What time can you play? During weekday or weekend?

  4. Sang-Wook Park

    I’m currently living in Diamond Westlake and would like to get lesson. Here is basic information for you.

    – Never played tennis before (But usually play soccer and generally like most of sports)
    – Available time: Sunday morning or evening for 1 hour
    – Frequency: 1 time per every week
    – Lesson location: Diamond Westlake (It has 2 courts to play)

    – Availability for above conditions
    – Price per lesson
    – Preparation for the lesson (Rocket, shoes and so on ?)

    Looking forward to getting the reply soon since I would like to start the lesson as soon as possible.

    Best regards,
    SW Park

  5. Hi, I’m Mrs Jeong.
    I never learn to play tennis
    I’m live in royal city now
    I want class on monday and wednesday at 2pm
    Is it possible?
    How much is it per hour?
    Give me answer

  6. Hi can you let me know cost of a lesson? I am a 5.5 level player and am looking for someone to give me a good hitting session?

    1. Hi Mat,

      Can you tell us that what is the most important result with the hitting session that you think most valuable to you? Do you need any coaching or just hitting?
      And what time can you play during the day? Where would you like to play?

      Fansipan Tennis Academy

  7. Hi
    My teenage daughter is keen to learn tennis . She has never played before . Could you provide me some info such as the location , time, price and etc ?

  8. i would like to upgrade my forehand stroke ( i would like to learn top spin) and i live in royal city.
    I prefer weekday ( Tuesday or Thuresday morning or afternoon). Pls inform me the price per lesson.

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